Lovers Dance

Dancing Ripples glide upon the water
reflection of the lights above
moving smoothly with the guidance of the wind
Shimmering sounds sing out with the essence of love

The Mighty Eagle flies, spreading its wings
they see every detail, so swift so strong
they glide through the air, piercing eyes
catching its prey below, its prey dies

Adventurous spirits dance alive
unseen by the humans naked eye
drums beat to the lovers cry
passion ignites the midnight skies

Such is love in this cynical world
it is unforeseen, hiding its emotions
Then in a moment, life is turned around
your heart races, from a lovers sound

Two hearts yearning to be together
separated by an ocean, love can prevail
spirits entwined in lovers realm
till the day they are together, in each other arms

©Firewalker 2001

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