Tormented thoughts, pain, misery
Searching, reaching out, wanting to live
Captured fears qrip me tight
Never loosened, there is no light

Hurtful words spread through the mouth
No reaction, causes doubt
What is it that I can't see
The fear that so engulfs me

Perhaps, this is reality
There is nothing further, for anyone to see
No more roads for me to choose
This is my destiny, never to know

Alone in life, hard to express
The inner being that is so far suppressed
Can anyone save this hurting being
Will I forever be, alone in my misery

I feel so lost in this world a large
Being me is causing harm
Really loving though it isn't seen
The shadow of despair is all that caresses me

There is more to me then what is revealed
A woman who loves and deeply feels
Not always capable to express the words
Not able to always show, what deeply burns
©Firewalker 2001

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